Our Sports Suck Up Here In Seattle

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This has got to be the worst year in Seattle sports history. To start off the year we lost our basketball team, now I’m not a bball fan any more but still, it sucks to lose a team. Then our baseball team built up an over $100 million payroll and finished with 101 losses, and being a baseball fan this really hurt. Our football team which was suppose to be one of the best in the NFL this year has 2 whole wins, the only thing we seem to be fighting for this year is a draft pick. And to top it all off our college football teams, the Huskies and the Cougars had a total of 1 win combined until they finished up the season playing each other in what almost turned out to be a tie (that was what I was actually hoping for because I didn’t feel either of them deserved a win).

I can not wait for this year to be over as far as sports go, really, it can not get any worse. I take that back, it can, if the Seahawks manage to win a couple some how and screw up their draft pick choice, then it can be worse.

On the bright side we are getting a new team next year, a MLS team, the Seattle Sounders FC. I really can’t wait for them to start and I’m pumped to have a real soccer team up here in Seattle.


And speaking of the Sounders, if anyone is looking for something to get me for Christmas, I really really really want one of these jerseys:


Now that would be pimp.


Sunday Morning Power Hour – Dec 7, 2008

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Ok, here is the first show, please do me a favor and check it out and give it a listen. Let me know what you think. I really want feedback no matter if it is good or bad, I just wanna here what you think

I’ll write down the topics in the future to keep you all and my posts in the loop.

The next podcast will record LIVE next Sunday Dec 17, 2008. All deets will be here along with the call in number if you choose to use it.

Thanks everyone

Sunday Morning Power Hour, Dec 7, 2008

The Sunday Morning POWER HOUR

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Photo 69

This is the name of what I think I will call my new show. Speaking of which, I think I’m starting a new podcast. The show WILL NOT be a Platform Nation podcast but really one that will be mine and mine alone. I plan on talking about whatever I wanna talk about for an hour and just not caring about the rest. I’m also planning on doing it on blogtalkradio.com so I can get live call-ins when I do it.

Anyways the whole premise of this will be talk about what I feel like hitting up, wither it be gaming news, tv, community stuff, just whatever I feel like. But it’s just a way for me to get out whatever I feel like talking about and releasing some of the crap that keeps building up inside.

So if your interested, hit me up, leave a comment and I’ll post more info about it later. Thanks guys.

Twitter Meet WordPress

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WordPress meet Twitter! I’m going to use my wordpress blog not only more offer but more often for my longer twits. I gotz some good stuff that I wanna talk about and I plan on using this as my outlet. Hope you all enjoy, if not, sorry… this is my own personal blog though so I suggest you just ignore what I write.

Peace out peeps!

Sick Dogs Suck

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So Alley is sick, I came home today during lunch and she greeted me by puking on my floor in my apt, then she went to puke again and I rushed her outside, I caught it on camera.

She must have ate something while I was at work that didn’t agree with her while I was at work. Either that or she got whatever Enzo had last week because he wasn’t feeling to good either.

Motherfu$%^#, Stupid Ass Little Kids

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This is what I was greeted with yesterday when I was getting ready to go to the IndieCade gaming festival. Well right when I got out to my car to go I saw this and it ruined my whole weekend. All because some parents were not tanning their kids ass with the belt. This leads me to my question, why do parents NOT watch their kids? They just seem to kick them out of their apartment without any type of supervision so they can do anything they want.

And no, we did not catch the kid that did this. My wife saw some kids walking away from the area where my car was parked shortly after my alarm when off on Friday, but my car was there and we didn’t think anything of it, like to check the windows.

So now I’m out whatever my insurance is going to charge me, I missed IndieCade, and I’m left with a sour taste in my mouth. Motherfu$%^#, stupid ass little kids

Its been a little while

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Photo 25.jpg

I’ve just been really really busy so I haven’t updated my blog at all, sorry. Anyways things are doing pretty good for the most part.

I’ve been kicked out of active duty military because the military had determined that I’m unfit for duty, they reverted me back to National Guard status where I’m in the process of trying to get my medical discharge because honestly I’ve just had enough of this with them. I also have a couple VA appts next week where they are going to be checking out my knees to see what can be done because they keep getting worse year and year and with Ashley here now I don’t want to be an old dad that can’t do anything with her do to my knee pain.

Um, as for gaming I have a interview today with the peeps from Dead Space, should be a pretty nice and interesting interview because I really don’t like the game, yes it looks pretty but other then that what’s special about it??

I also yesterday joined up with one of my favorite podcasts, the Video Game Jocks. It was a fun time and as always I enjoyed joining them on their show.

More gaming news, I finally beat Novastrike last week, what a bitch of a game but with the trophies it was all worth it. And as an added perk I placed #3 in the world on overall score, I was extremely proud of that.


But the highlight of this week in my gaming has to be Rock Band 2. I was lucky enough to pull a couple strings and I got that and the drums several days before the launch and wow, I really love this game. 80+ new songs, all my DLC works, 55 songs from RB1 carried over. My home band can be played online with friends. They did a great job with this and I absolutely love this game. I don’t care if its just plastic instruments, its just a extremely fun game to play and that’s what I’ll keep doing with it.

Anyways I have to jet, so until next time, I’ll see you guys later.