MLB 09 The Show Media/Press League

Hey what’s going on everyone?

I’m writing this post here so I can use it as a reference point to communicate and get the word out about a league that we are trying to start for Sony’s MLB 09 The Show.

First, let me thank Zac from ps3evolved for getting the ball rolling on this.

So what we are trying to do is setup a league that will be full of press, podcasters, bloggers, or people in the industry for a fun, not so serious, league.

Names so far in the league:

Steve519 via – Seattle Mariners
InfectedPB503 via – New York Yankees
Matt Banks via – New York Mets
Vicious696 via

Here’s our league settings that we are looking at, nothing is set though so feel free to leave input.
Live online draft, 60-second limit
Round-robin play
Veteran or All-star (haven’t decided yet, we will do what the majority want) difficulty
Guess Pitch: Off
Fast Play: On
Strike Zone: Off
Hot/Cold Zones: Off
# of games: we are trying to have each player play each team 3 times
8 team playoffs

Extra rules:
4 man pitching rotation
no exploiting player positions (putting a 3B in LF)
and no junk balls, this league is for fun, no reason to pitch garbage

If you are interested, shoot me an email at Steve @


~ by Steven Artlip (Steve519) on March 7, 2009.

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