Motherfu$%^#, Stupid Ass Little Kids


This is what I was greeted with yesterday when I was getting ready to go to the IndieCade gaming festival. Well right when I got out to my car to go I saw this and it ruined my whole weekend. All because some parents were not tanning their kids ass with the belt. This leads me to my question, why do parents NOT watch their kids? They just seem to kick them out of their apartment without any type of supervision so they can do anything they want.

And no, we did not catch the kid that did this. My wife saw some kids walking away from the area where my car was parked shortly after my alarm when off on Friday, but my car was there and we didn’t think anything of it, like to check the windows.

So now I’m out whatever my insurance is going to charge me, I missed IndieCade, and I’m left with a sour taste in my mouth. Motherfu$%^#, stupid ass little kids


~ by Steven Artlip (Steve519) on October 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Motherfu$%^#, Stupid Ass Little Kids”

  1. Damn dude.. Sorry that it happened to you. Yeah, I definitely got the belt or wooden paddle (outch) when I was younger. I’m pretty sure when I have kids someday they’ll get the same fate as I did. But do you know what they broke it with?

  2. @Misko0812 I’m guessing a rock because there was a rock lying on my trunk of my car when I noticed

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