Tomorrow is the big day

Yep, tomorrow Playapalooza ’08 kicks off at 2pm pacific time and wow, I’m starting to get excited and nervous about it.

So far its been a pretty good success with 125 dollars raised (we haven’t even started yet) and over 1300 games received, that in part though to a extremely large contribution from the unbelievably awesome people over at Sony.  The best part is we have more games still coming and and we will be raising a lot more cash for it.

I’m really hoping I don’t train wreck the video stream, really 50 hours of gaming for me is like a whole month if not more of gaming for me.  So I’ve played 0 games over the past couple days and I guess I’ll skip gaming for a little while after its over.  I just hope I hold up fine and don’t look like a fool during this because thousands of people will be watching and taking notice.

And on top of all this, to add more stress, the military STILL is not sure what is going to be going on with me.

I talked to them yesterday and they told me that I most likely won’t be going to Iraq but they are not certain yet, not till next Monday which is my activation date, so here is a big middle finger for their planning.  Its just absolutely retarded that I’m getting activated Monday and they don’t know yet what they are doing with me, I have a wife and daughter to think about and they are just screwing with my life right now.

Ok, well that’s it for this ramble, you all take it easy and I hope to see you online tomorrow during Playapalooza ’08.


~ by Steven Artlip (Steve519) on August 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tomorrow is the big day”

  1. Dude, how did you go with the military?

  2. Dude, im glad to here that your staying. I don’t think you should be in Iraq.

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