Running The Show Sometimes Sucks

Don’t get me wrong, I love being the Editor-in-Chief at Platform Nation but sometimes I still wonder why. Why do I devote so much of my time to the site? Is it worth it? Where do I see it a year down the road and where do I see myself?

I really bust my ass over there and I don’t always see the benefits I want (community interactions). Nor do I always get the help I want (site help, some burden lifted). Like right now I have several writers but that don’t mean that they are actually writing and its putting me in a bad spot. I’m at the point where I’m going to have to let some go only to have to spend more of my time to feel in the holes and pick up more slack. It just sucks because I just wish everyone would put forth the effort that I do but this isn’t the case. Really it only takes around 5 mins per article that your crediting to who wrote it first and about an hour to an original article that you write yourself.

I don’t know sometimes, I just spend too much time I feel and what I do doesn’t really always seem appreciated on the site. And with what seems like constant negativity from some in the community it just wears on me, don’t get me wrong, there are some that are really awesome and really help out by shining a positive light on what we do but the negative ones seem to always drowned out everyone else. Wow I now have really went off topic.

Anyways back on topic, it does really suck to have to run larger sites because of everything your responsible for, do you have the newest news, are you keeping your shows happy, how are your stats, are you working as much as you can with developers, how is your image and so on.


~ by Steven Artlip (Steve519) on August 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “Running The Show Sometimes Sucks”

  1. keep your head up amigo. take a day to write down what you’ve received in return versus what you’ve given. see how it stacks up and make adjustments according to it.

    it’s hard to get people to match the intensity on a project that is your own. and really, that’s how it should be i guess. it’s your baby, so naturally you’re gonna love it most.

  2. Idea: 1) Set up a feed that takes hot stories from other sites, since that’s kind of what the “writers” are doing anyway. 2) Cut back to 1-2 new editorials/stories/reviews a day, but make them more meaningful.

  3. This is what you ask for… Marine Corp Shuffle, left right left right……

    Take a Cancun vacation Steve. Also, remember that not everybody has the vision you do for PN. Only you know what you want.
    You shouldn’t get over stressed, you will be more successful being you and writing you. That’s why I didn’t agree with the change of PN. It was more personal before, more formal with the PN family. Overall you are the man for what you do, and it will pay off at the end. But remember Steve family comes first, so when your wife asks why you spend so much time on the PC, you drop what u are doing and handle your business. You should check out this site right here, these guys have a blog that is an example of personal/self thoughts, and hobbies without trying to post what everybody already has.

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